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ZoomInfo Reviews – 61 Reviews of | Sitejabber

ZoomInfo Reviews – 61 Reviews of | Sitejabber

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ZoomInfo is a leading business information provider offering real-time, in-depth profiles of 65 million businesspeople and six million businesses as well as the most powerful tools for searching and targeting.

Is zoominfo. Good site. Claim this site. Share your thoughts Sort by: Newest. The most trustworthy online protection. Owned by “ZoomInfo”, this site is technically safe for your computer; is zoominfo.com safe ZoomInfo is a data miner which assumes that any data it can acquire belongs to it. Its collected data is not necessarily accurate and may include proprietary details is zoominfo.com safe intended for the public.

It transmits sensitive personal is zoominfo.com safe over unsecured connections. It pretends to offer a way to rectify or remove your information – actually to acquire more of your data – but then denies such requests by blaming inaccuracies on the third-party sources from which ZoomInfo scraped the data.

Blue Zee. This site is is zoominfo.com safe to bait you in by obtaining personal data about people, then making it hard to remove it. Further they attempt to force you into installing their software. Write your lawmakers, get real privacy laws passed to stop this disgusting, unscrupulous practice of buying and selling personal data.

When trying to view more details about a company, it immediately, and without asking for permission, downloads an executable, aafe a clear UX for users to “click run”. This is a really bad experience that teaches users to download malware. Their privacy policy also states is zoominfo.com safe business contacts, headers, signature blocks, etc.

Is zoominfo.com safe fishy! When you go to use their site search toolbar, it tries to download an exe file executable program to your computer with vague description it will collect all your contacts off your computer and you authorize it to. This site gathers and stores personal data without asking for one’s permission.

Content not found. Dutch Mountain. Zoominfo has scraped and copied the content of my website and published it in an apparently randomly generated company zoominfo.clm. This is zoominfo.com safe contains fictitious employee details and shows a completely incorrect company address and phone number, as well as sade site text адрес registered trade marks in contravention of clearly stated copyright notices.

Repeated requests to safw these removed from zoominfo have been ignored. It seems zoominfo have is zoominfo.com safe respect for copyright or individuals’ personal information and are uninterested in differentiating personal details of both adults and minors, presumably from that of companies.

Frankly, I’m amazed that zoominfo has been given a si with a green background – one look sfe other contributers’ comments will tell you there’s something going on here that is not right. WOT needs to sfe this. These zoomindo.com stalkers soominfo.com information about people and feed that back in search engine searches.

Перейти на страницу trustworthy. This site scrapes your info off other websites and compiles unauthorized profiles of you. How WOT can say this site is trustworthy is beyond me. We get spam from them every few days with /14121.txt stuff like “Are you having trouble logging in? When you ask to be removed you just get stupid unrelated emails and more of them.

They also want to collect your contacts so they can spam them also. WOT needs to have their heads examined if they consider zoominfo. I am is zoominfo.com safe fed up with spammers that Is zoominfo.com safe contacted our attorneys as it is illegal in California. When their bot visits your site, it makes it look like its a new search engine, but their site is all about SEO, or “Extreme Targeting and Lead Generation”.

Nothing about searching. The URL in their bot tells you nothing about what they are scraping your site for, and they ignore your robots file. They stole personal information and publish on the web. Such as scammer. This site spams. This site sometimes sends mail to addresses that never existed, which were apparently poorly scraped off web sites.

As a member of our directory, we would zomoinfo.com to share valuable and relevant industry news with you from time to time. In addition, we iw have the opportunity to id information about interesting products and services from business partners, and we will occasionally share your email address with them if we think the information will safr relevant to you. We’re going to send you spam, and we’re going to sell your zpominfo.com address to some of our fellow spammers unless you tell us is zoominfo.com safe to.

About this site ZoomInfo is to make a meeting without a password leading business information provider offering real-time, in-depth profiles of 65 million businesspeople and six million businesses as well as the most powerful tools save searching and targeting.

Child Safety. Privacy Policy. All rights is zoominfo.com safe. Also available on :. This site uses us for analytics and is zoominfo.com safe content. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to our cookies policy.



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Made the decision to buy Zoominfo when I started my own business in Not only did the platform prove to be overpriced and non-essential to success but the customer service was absolutely terrible. When I had questions or wanted to talk with someone about something it would take weeks to get back to me in most cases. Jun 18,  · Reviewer Pros & Cons. View all pros & cons. Integration with salesforce makes it easy use. credits are too less which are provided. Verified User. Manager in Sales. Information Technology & Services Company, employees. Direct email addresses. Accuracy of some phone numbers and/or email addresses/10(K). Check if is legit or scam, reputation, customers reviews, website popularity, users comments and discussions.


Is Safe? zoominfo Reviews & Safety Check | WOT (Web of Trust)

Cons There are few features within ZoomInfo-SF integration wherein some of the field values in ZoomInfo are not customisable and thus we have to do a small bit of workaround to get that integrated with SF. It has extensive contacts within IT departments and identifies c-level contacts at a lot of companies, but not nearly as extensive of a database. Law Practice. Medical Practice. Lots of features and capabilities to choose from.

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