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Zoom vs. other portable audio recorders? – Piano World Piano & Digital Piano Forums.

Zoom vs. other portable audio recorders? – Piano World Piano & Digital Piano Forums.

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Zoom h5 vs h6 reddit – none:. Podcast Equipment: The complete guide

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And you know what? It was a complete success! The recorder is completely non sticky while while the rubberised surface still feels smooth and. The H4n pro has preamps with the same noise performance as the h5 or h6, but earlier h4n/h4 have noisier preamps. The zoom H5 and H6 are standard issue for BBC radio and radio news teams. That’s to say that it records an audio file of an acceptable.

Zoom h5 vs h6 reddit – none: –


Perhaps you want to start a podcast, record some live music, or capture sounds outdoors. You might have several interviews to record or want to monitor rehearsals for your band. In this article, we are going to explore the features of three Zoom recorders: the budget-priced H4n Pro , the step-up H5 model and the shiny Zoom H6.

Disclaimer: I bought these devices with my own money. Zoom has not sent me anything for any of my Zoom reviews, nor have they paid me. All three Zoom recorders are sufficiently small and lightweight to make them supremely portable. Having said that, I would always advise you to be careful and cautious about the way you handle your equipment.

The Zoom H6 is somewhat heavier with larger dimensions than its smaller cousins, but this reflects the additional features that come with it. The rubberised plastic casing also helps diminish handling noise when you hold the recorder. Each Zoom model comes with a plastic carry case to help guard against damage in your bag or out in the environment.

A real bonus of the H6 model comes when you buy the clip-on capsule which immediately supplies two extra inputs. This feature is handy if you need to record a podcast with five or six guests in the studio because all you need to do is plug a microphone into each XLR input, and away you go. That being said, please bear in mind that the recorder can not supply phantom power to the additional two inputs.

This clip-on capsule is also compatible with the Zoom H5 , increasing its capacity to four XLR inputs. Simply put, you can still record band demos, podcasts and more with the H5 but with fewer mics and instruments. That certainly limits the number of microphones you can plug in at any one time, but you may not need more than two for your particular recording purposes.

In terms of audio quality, all three recorders are basically the same. The number and position of the level controls vary between recorders. With its four inputs, the Zoom H6 requires four controls and these dials are handily located on the front near the top of the unit. Likewise, the H5 has two dials in the same position, with the addition of a protective metal bar which runs over them. That prevents you from accidentally touching or changing your carefully-set audio levels. On the H4n Pro , the gain controls are quite different as they are switches on each side of the recorder rather than dials on top.

Personally, I find the dials more responsive and easier to work with than the switches. These screens are easy to see when recording in low light conditions and when looking directly down at the screen. The full-colour backlit LCD screen of the H6 is found lower down the recorder and angles down rather than lying flat. One handy feature of all three recorders is that they can be attached to a DSLR camera. This is where the screen position and angle makes a difference.

DSLR preamps tend not to be that great, so having a separate audio recorder can work wonders. The location of the flat screens on the H4n Pro and H5 models make it difficult to watch both your recorder screen and the camera when you mount it on a tripod. According to Zoom, the H6 gives you up to an exceptional 20 hours of recording time before you have to change the batteries.

This charge would reduce depending on how you’re using the device, the brand and age of the batteries, and more. It means that if you want to record continuously for an extended time, you don’t need to worry about the batteries running down halfway through. Bear in mind that the H6 needs four AA batteries whereas the smaller recorders only require two each.

That means the 15 hours battery life promised for the H5 under regular use makes it a very efficient recorder too. However, the H4n Pro chews through the batteries, giving you only six hours of recording time with each set.

I would always advise you to carry plenty of spare batteries for whichever recorder you use. It is annoying to miss a chance simply because you’ve run out of battery power. None of these Zoom recorders has internal storage. Instead, the recordings are stored on SD cards. As a quick side note, larger SD cards tend to slow down the start-up of the H4n Pro quite significantly. Formatting the card inside of the device itself seems to help reduce the waiting time, but this is important to know.

All three recorders are portable and rugged, providing you with excellent recording options for a range of uses. That being said, your decision will rest on many factors. Some questions to ponder are:. How many inputs will you need now, and in the future? If you’re operating on a tight budget and you can see that two inputs would be suitable for the foreseeable future, then the H4n Pro recorder may be the right recorder for you.

SD cards gives you ample storage capacity, and it isn’t hard to change 2AA batteries out in the field if necessary. But, if you know that four or even six inputs would be invaluable for your recording needs, then you should look at stretching your budget. Its battery life is more than double that of the H4n Pro, and it offers easier controls. However, if you’re looking for maximum features and a highly flexible, quality recorder, then consider the Zoom H6. Even though it’s the priciest Zoom option in this line-up, this is still an affordable portable unit.

It offers ample storage and quality audio recordings. All in all, whatever your needs at the moment or recording goals in the future, Zoom can help you achieve your best results, whichever model you decide to choose. Blog Languages. Blog Dansk. Blog Deutsch. Blog Italiano. Blog Nederlands. Blog Magyar. Blog Polski. Blog Svensk. Blog Categories. Sep Christian Skyes.

Size and Build All three Zoom recorders are sufficiently small and lightweight to make them supremely portable. Levels The number and position of the level controls vary between recorders.

Battery Life According to Zoom, the H6 gives you up to an exceptional 20 hours of recording time before you have to change the batteries. Storage None of these Zoom recorders has internal storage. So, which Zoom recorder is right for you?

Some questions to ponder are: What will you use your recorder for? How much flexibility do you need? How long will you be recording out in the field? What is your budget for the purchase? Email Address. Sign Up. Leave a comment.


Zoom H5 Review –

The only adjustment you have is the input level. I still use them occasionally on-location but prefer other, higher-quality recorders. Please Pass It On! For the formatted review with pictures and links Enjoy. However, I do not recommend using software-based solutions as your primary means of recording podcasts.


– Podcast Equipment: The complete guide – Jeff Large


The hard work of choosing between brands like Tascam, Sony, and Olympus is over. Full Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, JuicedLink may earn a small commission from purchases made through any of the links or buttons below, at no additional cost to you. Earnings help us with website maintenance and make it easier for us to bring you the best information available.

Full color LCD x pixels. Compressor, limiter, low-cut filter, playback looping, pitch change, variable playback speed, metronome, guitar tuner. How many recording channels do you need? Another factor is the oft-overlooked batteries. Not only are batteries expensive, but by the time you are loaded up with two or three sets of spares you will have also burdened your camera bag that much more. If you need phantom power for any external microphones, expect your batteries to run out significantly sooner than the hour battery ratings.

Keep in mind that the EXH-6 input capsule sold separately , which adds two additional XLR inputs to either recorder, is not able to provide phantom power. Most environments in which you are plugging in 5 or 6 different microphones are probably indoors and bound to also have some sort of outlet for AC or USB power. Do you need more channels for simultaneous recording the H6 provides? Or do you need the extra portability from the H5? If you can answer those questions, the rest is confetti.

If you think the H5 will put a hole in your wallet, consider moving down a rung on the hypothetical Zoom audio recorder ladder and have a look at the how the H4n Pro stacks up against the H5. Zoom H5 vs H6: Worth the Upgrade? View Larger Image. Sorry, Han…. Zoom H5. Zoom H6. Zoom H5 vs H6: Technical Specs. Compact and lighter Cheaper, same quality preamps Streamlined, intuitive functionality.

Less portable Four battery requirement. Zoom H5 vs H6: Sound Comparison. Channel count. Share with Friends facebook twitter linkedin reddit tumblr pinterest Email. About the Author: Joel Edelblute. Joel has been editing to the beat of his own waveform for 8 years as a freelance videographer, but it still took a global pandemic to get serious writing.

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