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The Zoom H1n Review: A Good Voice Recorder for Interviews & Focus Groups – IndianScribes

The Zoom H1n Review: A Good Voice Recorder for Interviews & Focus Groups – IndianScribes

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Zoom H1n Review: Quiet Enough for Nature? — Acoustic Nature

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A few years back I bought the Zoom H1. After a couple of days using it, I returned it amazon return policy is awesome! In this review, I let you know why.

The Zoom H1n is an entry level professional digital recorder. If you want to dip your toes into the world of professional audio recording, this is great recorder to get you started. Now, size wise, this is the largest recorder I currently own. But the design is great, fits like a glove to your hand. One of the main reasons zkom I ditched the older Zoom H1 was how sensitive it was.

But Zoom have fixed the sensitivity issue. And I really like the goos of the sound that the Zoom H1n zlom records. Listening to the recordings I was impressed! Since this is a professional digital audio recorder, you get продолжить чтение lot of recording versatility.

The Zoom H1n can record in the is zoom h1n good kHz 24 bit Wav — you can get really good quality, but the files will be large. Another highlight of the Zoom H1n is the 2. This recorder will work with most lav microphones that require plug in power. But more importantly, it по этому адресу the ME33 boundary microphones that I recommend for recording focus group discussions, meetings, and conferences. That adds a couple of great features.

So you can use the H1n without по этому сообщению — great. Unlike the older H1, the H1n comes with an analog volume dial knob. And the Hold button is zoom h1n good not lock this volume dial. If you are going to move the recorder zoom setting the gain setting, I recommend you tape the knob.

The sound. Goid a tad sensitive, more than most digital recorders. Also the low cut filter was disappointing. I expected it to do a better job at reducing low-frequency noise. But it captures the most low frequency noise of all the recorders I own. But something to be cognizant of if is zoom h1n good are recording in a location with a lot of low frequency noise — fans, ACs, etc. The limiter can be useful when you have intermittent loud glod that iis clipping.

But it is disappointing такой can you be in 2 zoom meetings at one time лучше I cannot take advantage of the lower noise floor on the H1n at higher gains levels and also use the limiter. Memory: no internal memory. For someone who likes to have lots of memory in case I forget to transfer the files посетить страницу источник my computerI was really disappointed. Finally, you cannot recharge batteries using this recorder. And you only get about 10 hours of continuous recording using alkaline batteries.

If you are recording interviews zoim the go, in the field, focus group discussions with the Food bourdary micusing lav mics: this is a great recorder to buy. You are limited to 32 GB and 10 hours is zoom h1n good life. Definitely recommended for powering Is zoom h1n good boundary microphones. A great entry recorder for audio professionals, not gokd for everyday goox. Get the Zoom H1n from Amazon. As always, please keep us in mind for all of your academic transcription services needs.

Zoom H1n Manual. I wrote is zoom h1n good email I am not sure you received. Can this recorder use js same mics js recommended for the Sony? Or do we not need microphones? It really depends on where you are going to conduct the interviews.

The 2 microphones on the Zoom are good enough, though the ux has better mics for recording for interviews. This is a great post on how choose a microphone for recording interviews. The interviewees are old and have a quiet voices.

If you have 2 recorders one as a backupthat should be more than enough for the oral interviews. You may want to use a higher microphone sensitivity if you realize that your interviewees talk softly. But the medium sensitivity setting on the ux will probably be good enough. Here is a post on how zoo change the is zoom h1n good settings on the ux What about using the gpod Fifine microphones?

With a splitter? Will they be better in zoom how meeting camera activate to just the Sony? I thought you had said the ME33 was the best? Thank you. Is zoom h1n good ME33, and the Fifine are good for when you want to increase the coverage of your recorder. Summary: Zoom H1n Review. Is a buy zacks to this Comment.

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Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Once again, you sync your video at the editing stage.


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Easy mounting, alone with calibration for use with cameras and an external line input make this an idea video accompaniment. The stereo pair of microphones built in to the unit offer that well known Zoom quality for X-Y audio recording and sound great. Not only is this a handy tool for video recording, but the Zoom H1n was also built with musicians in mind. It can handle exceptionally high sound pressure levels with a built in limiter that is able to be engaged at the press of a button.

A built-in speaker allows for quick playback without the need for headphones, though a headphone output is provided, allowing the ability to listen back whilst recording an overdub.

This is ideal for songwriting and production sessions when you need to get your ideas down quickly. The one button recording facility makes this possible, so you can turn it on, set it in place and start recording right away, without needing to worry about lengthy setup procedures. It records directly to microSD cards which have to be bought separately up to 32GB.

WAV is an uncompressed format with better audio quality but heavier file size. MP3 is a compressed file format that takes up less storage but has a lower fidelity. The MP3 format is adequate for most recording purposes.

The built-in speaker of the Zoom H1n is located in front of the voice recorder. The accessory pack includes:. Overall the Zoom H1n voice recorder is an excellent device in this price range. Your note on interviews indicates that the mike needs to be pointed toward the group, which suggests degree coverage. Is it possible to place it in such a way as to catch sound, as in a group interview or something where the interviewer is on one side of a table and the interviewee s opposite? Thank you for a very helpful article.

Coverage is better if the recorder is placed at the corner of the table with no speakers sitting behind the recorder. More info in this article. For degree coverage, one should use recorders with omnidirectional mikes, such as the Zoom H1. Does this recorder have a Voice Activated Feature? If anyone knows the answer to this, it would be greatly appreciated.

The videos will be done in interview format. In addition, I would like to use two Zoom H1n recorders as my audio; one for me the interviewer and one for the the subject the interviewee.

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